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My first Herdwicks were from the flock of Harry Hinde. In 1991, I knew nothing about sheep nor about keeping sheep, but had noticed every spring that there was a field of black lambs with white ears, quite unlike all the other sheep around in Yorkshire.  Eventually I asked the farmer what breed they were and one thing led to another until two Herdwick shearlings arrived in Middlesmoor. Since then, for the last 24 years, I have increasingly got to know shepherding, the breed and individual sheep and their characters, and have chosen to only ever keep Herdwicks.

Ewes currently in my flock have descended from the Hinde bloodlines, as well as those from breeders living in the Lake District National Park - Margaret Gass, Frank Hindemoor and Anthony Hartley.  Tups that have contributed to the Middlesmoor Herdwicks, in addition to home-bred, include those of Harry Hinde, Andrew Nicholson, George Harryman, Hannah Dickinson, Stanley Jackson, Anthony Hartley and Kevin Wrathall.

I keep the Herdwicks because of the immense sense of well-being that can be gained from working closely with another animal species, observing their behaviour and getting to know them as individuals. Sheep are great animals, known to have the brainpower equal to dogs and monkeys and yet are always underestimated due to their tendency to panic at the unknown. Flight is a central defence response of sheep and it would seem difficult to appear intelligent when running for your life.

quality purebred
The Middlesmoor Herdwicks are situated in the Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty of Upper Nidderdale in North Yorkshire. The flock is high quality and purebred with sheep that are regularly handled and quiet to work with.

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