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New Middlesmoor Herdwicks Calendars for 2018

AVAILABLE NOW - The 2018 MIDDLESMOOR HERDWICK calendar, using our usual format (A4, landscape) with written stories to go alongside the photographs.

Thanks to your interest our calendar has an increasing following with orders already coming in for the NEW 2018 edition !

As many of you already know, the calendars make great presents for everyone who loves Herdwicks – and for those who don’t yet know Herdwicks, you can be sure your friends and family will start to like having the sheep around, trundling alongside them every day of the week for a year !

Please order copies from contact@herdwicksheep.co.uk The price remains £10 inclusive of postage.

Thank you so much all of you who enjoy our Herdwick calendars from Middlesmoor. We now also sell wool and yarn from the Middlesmoor flock - as an added bonus for spinners and knitters. see herwicKnit.co.uk for details


herdwick sheep calendar 2016

herdwick sheep calendar 2016

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