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For more information on the background to Middlemoor Herdwicks visit:




also visit www.aelredsgrange.org for a related initiative

Visit the Herdwick Sheep Breeders Society website, for links to the different auction markets. www.herdwick-sheep.com

The site also provides much information and a useful series of links on Herdwick sheep.


Visit The Sheep Trust web site to learn more about the conservation and sustainability of Heritage Sheep Breeds such as the Herdwicks. www.sheeptrust.org.

the sheep trust

The Sheep Trust recently carried out an extensive survey of numbers of sheep of Heritage Breeds in the UK. This was the first study of its kind and was presented to the National Commitee for Farm Animal Genetic Resources in March 2009. Robust data was collected from individual breeders that clearly demonstrated extreme geographical concentration of these Heritage Breeds. This presents a major risk to the breeds, particularly if a disease out break were to occur in a region within which a particular breed is concentrated. See the following for more information. Press Release | Geographical isolation of native sheep breeds in the UK—Evidence of endemism as a risk factor to genetic resources - Publshed article

These two leaflets are some of the outputs of a grant to look into alternative uses of wool.
Click on the images to view PDF files of the leaflets.

Alternative uses for your fleece smart wool

Visit www.heritagesheep.eu to learn more about a project funded by the European Commission to conserve the genetic resources of Heritage Sheep Breeds across Europe.

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