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Lamb meat

The taste quality of meat of slowly matured Herdwick lamb is exceptional. Typically this lamb meat is from male lambs, kept with their mothers for six months. The best meat is from animals that have grazed on the mixed vegetation of the high moorlands, have enjoyed their lives til the last moment and had a stress free death in a small local abbatoir.

Personally, I believe  that the death of any livestock animal for human food  has meaning and is justified only if the meal is a celebration of the life that provided the meat. The life and the death of the animal are equally important, As is the quality of the cooking and a real awareness of the taste.

Some of my lambs are sold through H Weatherhead and Sons, butchers in Pateley Bridge – and Herdwick meat for the freezer can be  pre-ordered for when the seasonal lambs become available in October each year.

I also sell direct to customers, all of whom have been coming back to me for more lamb each season it becomes available. Either a whole lamb or half lamb, butchered by Weatherheads, is available. Here are two testimonials from regulars as examples of quality:

"We've been buying Herdwick lamb meat from Dianna now for a number of years and always enjoy it. Tender, succulent and full of flavour, the lamb is a hit with all the family; whether as simply grilled chops with roasted veg or in a casserole with flageolet beans or as a Sunday roast joint, the flavour really stands out.

How the lambs are raised is of huge significance to us, as is how they die. Knowing that Dianna personally sees to their well-being throughout their lives, and death, is of great importance to us.

We're looking forward to receiving our next lamb or half lamb for the freezer!" DR

"Once we tasted the Herdwick lamb, there was no going back to for us - it's just so much tastier than the standard varieties. We thoroughly recommend Dianna's Herdwick lamb". EB

Please pre-order your Herdwick lamb for October through requests to this website: these can be boxes of either half or whole lambs, butchered by Weatherheads and Sons in Pateley Bridge and available in vacuum packs.



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